Registration/Race Packs:

1) No race packs are sent out
2) All registration and collection of numbers is done on the day at The Llantonian Hall (far end of the Rugby Club car park) – 2 minutes from the train station
3) Registration open from 8am – closes 15 minutes before your chosen race/s
4) All issues regarding payment/online registration/refunds/transfers please contact our registration provider SportzMad via the registration page

Start Times/Entry Fees/Finish Line/Results:

1) On the day entry is full price/no concessions (i.e. Welsh Athletics members). 10K is £20 for all those entering on the day. 1K is £2, on the day.
     Entry before 25th August for Welsh Athletics runners is £18, but £20 on the day.
2) Start line is at the top of Ham lane (Leisure Centre end) -allow sufficient time to register and get to the start line. – allow 10 minutes to get from registration to the start line.
3) Finish line is near the Bowling Club end of the rugby field, below the rugby goal post.
4) Do not cross the finish again after completing your race. This will result in your time being inaccurate, and may also affect other runners’ times.
5) After completing your race please move away from the finish line, and do not enter the finishing area once your race is completed.
6) All results appear online on the SportZmad online race page (where you registered online).
     Copies will appear in the registration hall (Llantonian Hall), but not immediately after the race, allow for SportZmad to check/verify results and to print them.


1) All 10K runners get a bespoke LM10K 2019 medal after completing the race.
2) All 1K runners get a medal – this will include an image of the 2019 LM10K logo on it

Additional Information – previously stated on the website and on social media:

The 10K race itself is open to 16+ (due to conforming to Welsh Athletics guidance and licence, the nature of the route & duty of care),
the 1K is mainly for under 11s (but obviously grown-ups can run with the youngsters).
We have also assessed all risks thoroughly, and have a health and safety procedure
Our age restrictions have been carefully considered and are strictly enforced, due to our coastal route/s and duty of care – this may go beyond what similar events allow and beyond guidance
We have a professional road closure in operation during the race, we also have coastguards and first aiders on hand to support us
Our payment and registration providers SportzMad provide a secure method of entering this event

10K: 10:00am* £18/£20
1K 12:30pm* £2
*may be subject to change (but these are the planned start times)

Health & Safety:

We will give you regular updates to help in your footwear choice in the days before the race.

Again, this year we have road closures managed by Forest Traffic to make the race as safe as we can.
They cover a section of Boverton Road, Ham Lane and Mill Lay Lane with traffic control on Colhuw Street/Beach Road whilst runners are passing.

For the third year we welcome St John Cymru to provide First Aid cover for all three races.
Their crew of 10 will be available on the rugby club field and out on the course wherever they are required.

Thanks are due again to the Volunteer Coast Guard who will be looking after the cliff top section of the race for us and handing out bottles at the first water stop on the 10k.

To comply with Welsh Athletics rules, we prepare an extensive Risk Assessment.
This helps identify where we need to improve our precautions and the Runners Brief is a small part of it. If you really want to look at it then you can peruse the book in the Llantonian Hall.

As in previous years the route will be marked with bright yellow arrow signs and arrows will also be painted on the ground.
Obstructions on the ground will be highlighted with paint and anything overhanging will have ribbon attached.

Hopefully nobody will get lost…

We hope you all have a great day!